So You Want To Be A Handyman?

Picking the right career can be challenging for many.  Often, people choose between making money and something that they enjoy doing.  However, for those that enjoy repair and maintenance tasks, the lucrative home repair trade combines the benefits of a high-paying salary with the joy of doing what you love.

Repairing areas or items in and around the home is a vital service needed by many homeowners in the USA. Unfortunately, a lack of time, experience, and equipment can make most repair jobs impossible to complete for the average DIYer.

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A Day In The Life

The best part about being a handyman is that no two jobs are the same.  Service requests from clients vary daily and provide enough variety to keep one’s interest and passion in the job alive. 

A handyman may be called out for roof repairs on some days, especially after bad weather or newly purchased homes that need some touch-up work.  Other days, a handyman may be called to complete repairs to damaged walls, windows, or doors due to heavy foot traffic in the home.

Spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom may require a handyman to repair pipes, fixtures, or lights.

With a broad skill set, any person can build a successful career as a handyman.

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Expanding Opportunity

Handymen and handywomen with specialized areas of focus can often earn more money for their work. 

A contractor can take many courses and certifications to increase their skills set and become more desirable to professional handyman companies.

Consider specializing in everyday aspects of repair most needed by homeowners such as carpentry, electrical, or plumbing to increase your expertise and make you a more desirable candidate to employers.